LA Engine

The LA Engine is the standard software for creating finished documents, just like the ones from a graphic designer, fully automatically from XML.

It is used for catalogues, data sheets, operating instructions, leaflets, offer

documents, labels and much more.


The LA Engine:

  • Has a visual editor for the construction and maintenance of layout templates.
  • Has a simple interface with rules for handling individual XML tags, such as assigning styles, etc. - the Structure Builder.
  • Creates PDFs for print or web publication fully automatically.
  • Can create documents in InDesign, Word, HTML and other formats using the same templates and rules, as required.
  • Can be configured using Example IDMLs when producing IDML files. The graphic designer therefore controls the automation (and not the other way around).
  • Has intelligent language switching and can write from right to left, even in nested documents with left to right text.
  • Can balance out tables.
  • Has a wide variety of features, such as functions for publications with a fixed number of pages, sophisticated font glyph replacement and layers that can be switched under certain conditions. Table Balancer and much more.
  • Is scalable for high-performance requirements and is suitable for parallelised operation.
  • Has a complete colour engine built in for automatic colour workflows.
  • Has a Layout Memory module for exporting IDMLs. Therefore, if a graphic designer moves something at a later point, this change is taken into account during the next auto-layout process.
  • And has been tried-and-tested in many major applications.

You can find a tool presentation here: LA Engine Tool Presentation