portamis has been dealing with the automation of layout processes for many years. We have created a stable and save software environment, which has proved itself in practice.

Our software creates ready-to-print documents from content which can come from any system. Therefore the connection to content providing systems has a high priority for us. For this reason we have created a rich technology for adapting our engine to content from many third party systems, i.e. the Structure-Builder.

Apart from this we maintain a close partnership with data base and CMS software producers. There are standard combinations for some editorial systems, we also can attach PIM systems to standards like BMWECat.

Our systems always have an open architecture and are based on XML. They allow us to publish in a software environment with many different content delivering systems.

We favor and always recommend an open software architecture, with which you are not dependent of one software vendor – but can also swap components. We also advise in this area.

As layout software provider we have a perfect overview of the current PIM and editorial systems. We know the software and the people behind it. We advise more and more of our long-term customers respective the choice and the development of these components and the connected processes.

Among our products you also find the TOR system for the online review of documents and the Content-Store – an archive system for the management and recovery of documents and their content.

More and more companies try to copy our automatic layout technique. This helps us, because on the other hand others want to work even closer together with us. Furthermore it shows us, that we are on the right direction with our methods. Many customers confirm this again and again.